Ayurvedic Consultation


Ayurvedic Consultations are the perfect way to understand your body in a new way. If you are looking for an alternative approach to address your health, then scheduling a session with me would benefit you greatly. The approach is to determine each individual’s unique constitution, and bring balance using diet, lifestyle, herbs and physical exercise. The recommendations for two individuals are rarely the same.

Ayurveda focuses on ways to prevent symptoms and treat the root causes of imbalance, and values Western medicine for it’s ability to treat acute illness.

Ayurveda is for everyone – regardless of how busy we feel or how many prescription drugs we are taking.

The tools that an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant use to bring health may include one or more of the following:

-specific foods and recipes
-a daily routine
-essential oils
-body oils
-exercise routine

Sincere consideration is given to the amount of time you have to incorporate changes into your life. While you are working with me, you will learn how to take the right steps to a better life. I have no doubt that you will see the changes in your body and mind when you take on an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Please e-mail me to schedule a consultation or any questions you have!


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