Full Moon Cleanse for Women

I’m sure you’re aware that last night was the Blood Moon solar eclipse. Today is actually the full Moon. When the Moon is full and has super bright light it affects the waters gravitational pull on the earth. By this I mean that it affects the rivers, lakes and oceans. The Moon’s gravitational forces are strong enough to disrupt this balance by accelerating the water towards the Moon. This causes the water to ‘bulge.’ As the Moon orbits our planet and as the Earth rotates, the bulge also moves. The areas of the Earth where the bulging occurs experience high tide, and the other areas are subject to a low tide.

Not only does the Moon affect the earth, but it also affects the water within the body! The human body is 65% water. When the Moon reaches its full phase and new phase, its gravitational pull combines with the sun for the greatest gravitational effect. This period of increased effect lasts about 24 hours, thus leading to an increase of water in the human body. This is explains why you feel bloated around your period. According to Ayurveda, a woman’s natural rhythms are kept and preserved by her monthly menstrual cycle that occurs with the new moon. At this time, menstruation is set in motion by the sun absorbing energies from the earth, which in turn draws the menstrual waste from the body. When the use of contraceptive pills and other birth control devices do not tamper with a woman’s monthly cycle, harmful foods and activities, and disruptive sexual activities, her cycle remains in harmony with the new moon.

Shakti-prana is the force that moves through the reproductive system and keeps a womans creative energy flowing. Women tend to lose their relationship with the lunar cycle, So every full Moon I recommend cleansing. It allows the body to focus only on the menstruation cycle. There so many women out there who have issues with an irregular, light, heavy or halted periods. Fasting on the full Moon allows the digestive system to take a break and revitalize our shakti-prana flow. If you have menstruation issues, cleansing on the full Moon can bring you back into a regular period and aid in pre-menstrual symptoms.

As women, we should honor our cycle, for blood carries the divine mother of potential for bringing new life and birth!  It is a sign that we are aligned with the elements of nature. It is also a time to let go of old habits and set new intentions. Cleansing in congruence with the moon restores your hormonal balance and recalls natural rhythms of shakti-prana!

How to Cleanse

  • Drink only fluids on the day of the full Moon or before for 24 hours to maximize the moons effectiveness. This includes only water, juices, and decaffeinated tea.
  • Create a gentle space to conserve feminine powers.
  • Move at a slower pace, allowing the body to cleanse itself.
  • refrain from all sexual activity.
  • Herbal teas are recommended such as raspberry, organic rose flower peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, hops, and chamomile.
  • Take a walk under the moon light to soak up the rays!
  • Write down what you want to let go of and intentions for the new month
  • Chant the Antar Naad Kundalini meditation under the moon before bed. Shown below.

Results of the cleanse…

  • Stimulates renal activity and allows the body to lose excess water
  • Flushes out toxins to boost immune system
  • Revitalize spirit
  • Come into menstrual cycle balance

After the cleanse you will feel lighter and happier. Ready to take on the new cycle of 28 days.

Om Namah Shivaya.


Goddess Shakti

“A woman should keep her separateness, should save all her feminine qualities and purify them. In this way she is going, according to her nature, towards enlightenment. Of course once you are enlightened, you have gone beyond the discrimination of sexes. Beyond enlightenment, you are simply human beings. But before that… Be proud of your qualities. Increase them, refine them because they are the path towards godliness. Man is not in a better position than woman as far as religious experience is concerned.”


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